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اضافه کردن به سبد خرید
Book Name:Scientific English Readings 1
Editor:S.M. Sadjadian & Dr.A. Mirhasani
Date of Print:
Book Count:
Page Count:220
Book Price:28000
About Book:Understanding and using technical English presents many stumbling blocks to those who have achieved a reasonable knowledge in conversational or literary language through the usual course books. At the same time, since the scientific passages do not belong to any specific culture and are part of general knowledge of the students, they help bridge the gap between such a course book and science textbooks and research papers, covering a wide range of subject matters widely used by university students. Presenting the book in two series the intermediate one with 60 short, graded texts and the post intermediate with 80 longer and more complex texts. The first volume is intended for the students of all majors who are taking pre-requisite English courses at universities and for those who wish to take part in the entrance examinations of the universities.
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