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اضافه کردن به سبد خرید
Book Name:The Traveler
Editor:Sohrab Sepehri
Date of Print:
Book Count:
Page Count:161
Book Price:19000
About Book:Sohrab Sepehri: Born in Kashan in 1928, Sohrab Sepehri grew up in an ethos which upheld a literary culture. After a high school literature diploma, he entered Tehran University Faculty of Fine Arts in 1948. Five years later he gained master’s degree with distinction as the outstanding student. By then he published his first three collections of poetry, By the Grass, 1949, The Death of Colour in 1951 and The Life of Dreams in 1953. Sepehri came to prominence with the publication of the Water’s Footfall. Blending visual images with eastern mysticism, Sepehri produced a kind of poetry which is unique and original.
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